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What we do

Next Insight is a multi-disciplinary data services organization with expertise in three key areas:

Data and analytic services including application of AI

Application of psychology insights to data analysis

Automation and custom application development


Data Advisory Services

Not sure where to start? Are you asking the right questions? We assist in defining the problem and an appropriate approach. Good questions have intuitive answers.

AI Applications

It won't solve all your problems but, where appropriate, machine learning and AI can greatly speed analysis and do the work for you.

Data cleansing and data preparation

If you have lots of data, messy data, or not enough data, we can help get it to a state where it's valuable to the organization.

Application of psychology insights

This is the hidden dimension that is typically underutilized. If you deal with customers, we can help you with more meaningful interactions, increased sales, lower churn, and more appealing products.

Data analytics

Using an arsenal of tools, we can find the right analysis for the problem and perform the required analytics.


To make sure your data collection or analysis activities continue, we have a custom development team ready to build your mobile, web, and enterprise application.


Product Recommendations

We have found that by leveraging consumer insights and deriving recommendations from psychology driven analysis, we can make very accurate predictions on product preference.

Consumer Engagement

Need to improve customer interactions and make messaging more meaningful? Using methods similar to those used in recent elections, we can help you define those strategies.

Predictive Modelling

This discipline helps predict scenarios and customer actions. We have methods of using structured data and unstructured data (text) to predict future events.

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